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About Central Supermarket

SuperMarché Bachoo started 28 years ago by Mr Navin Kumar Bachoo under name of late father, Mr Madunlall Bachoo who owned a retail shop at Plaine des Roches.  Since 24 Oct 2008, we are now known as Central Supermarket offering more space, convenience & variety of goods at affordable price with spacious parking to customers.

Enjoy your shopping, join our reward programme, "Carte Privilège" and start earning points for all your purchases.  Use your points to pay out your bill at check out.

Choose quality goods from various categories

  • Bread & Bakery

  • Breakfast & Cereals

  • Dairy, Eggs & Cheese

  • Meat & Seafood

  • Grains, Pasta & Sides

  • Fresh fruits & vegetables

  • Frozen foods

  • Herbs & Spices

  • Biscuits/Snacks/Chocolate/Candy

  • Canned Products

  • Baby products

  • Health & Beauty, Personal Care & Pharmacy

  • Paper & Disposable products

  • Non-alcoholic drinks

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Other Drinks

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Pet items

  • Tobacco

  • Miscellaneous

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